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Heavy Duty

Surgical Electro Cautery

For Monopolar & Bipolar

Cautery Machine


400 Watt ElectroCautery Surgical Unit

- 4 Modes in CUT - Pure,Blend1,Blend2,Endocut

- 4 Modes in COAG - Spray,Force,Fulgurate,Desicate

- 4 Modes in BIPOLAR- Micro,Macro,Cut,Auo-Mode

- Microprocessor controlled Electrosurgical unit

- Pure cut with two additional BLEND 1 & BLEND 2 modes to give a surgeon, varying degree of hemostasis while cutting. Endocut mode is for added flexibility

- Separates Monopolar and Bipolar mode with individual foot-switches

- Bipolar feature- When generator is switched to bipolar mode; all the Monopolar   activities associated with hand-switch or foot-switch, are automatically stopped to   prevent uncalled burns

- Bipolar provides coagulation without charring, adhesion and blanching of adjacent tissues

- Body protected and cardiac protected design

- Patient Plate Fault Monitoring system

- Handswitch and Footswitch Operation

- High Frequency - 400W

- Minimum RF Distortion ; User settable program modes

- HF Leakage current > 150mA

- Weight : 7.5 Kg (Approx.)

- Size (mm) : 410 (L) x 355 (W) x 155 (H) 

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Accessories Included

Bipolar Cable



Bipolar Forceps

Chuck Handle

Patient Plate

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