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120 Watt LED Cold Light Source

High Power 120 Watt Medical LED Light Source with Touchscreen and full metal body

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True 120 Watt Power

- Get Real-time endoscopic view with true 120 watt LED Light

- High illumination with brighter and crisp light lightning

- Constant light intensity over lifetime.

Fully Metal Body

- Designed into full metal enclosure for easy heat dissipation and        long life of internal circuit as compared to other conventional light      source which has front panel made from plastic fiber body. 

Temperature Display for Heat Management

- Display temperature of the light source and internal circuit for risk      free usage.

Easy Handling with Touch Buttons

- Touch Buttons allows for easy navigation and configuration-setting    without using a keyboard

Efficient and Eco-Friendly 

- Low maintenance costs: No bulb changes required for at least          2,000 hours of operation.

- Low lifetime costs due to the low energy consumption (55 W) of        the environmentally friendly LED technology.


- High Power : 120 Watt

- Illumination : > 1,400,000 Lux

- LED Life Span : 50,000 Hours +

- Constant Color Temperature

- Homogenous Light Distribution due to optimized lens design for a wide range of telescopes.

- Constant Light Intensity over lifetime

- CRI  >= 90

- Touch Buttons

- Low Energy consumption

- High brightness

- Noise-free imaging

- Triple Fan System for heat dissipation

- Timer for Age Display

- Light Cable Input Connector - Wolf

- Temperature display for heat management

- Powerful illumination makes it suitable for Laparoscopy or other high end applications

- Medical Grade power supply

- Dimensions : 32 cm. (L) x 32 cm. (W) x 10 cm. (H)

- Weight : 4.5 Kg

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