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Wireless Dental
LED Headlight

with 3.5x Loupe


Wireless Dental LED Headlight with 3.5x Loupe

Model : ESC-H-10W-F-L

Our ESC Medicams Wireless LED Surgical & Dental Headlight offers High lux at 300 - 450 mm of 5700º K white light with a life expectancy of 50,000 hours ideal for dental and veterinary use. This surgical headlamp is a cost-effective solution for surgeons who need additional light in the operating room while retaining the mobility of a battery powered headlight.

With a Color Rendition Index of above 90, color critical applications such as neonatal care, medicine, and surgery the true color of tissue is shown more accurately thereby reducing the time to diagnosis and surgery when using the IESC Medicams Surgical Headlight.


10 Watt LED

High Power Bright LED Light


Loupe with anti reflection coating


Multilayered Optics 

High Color Accuracy 

High CRI Value of LED Light


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