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Beam Splitter And C-Mount Adapter

- Clear Optics
- Inbuilt C-Mount Adapter
- C-Mount Adapter cannot be detached from Beam Splitter

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Co2 Insufflator

Performance Features:

Software controlled technology to initiate calibration of pressure and flow of system when insufflator is turn on. Software controlled pressure release mechanism to prevent excess pressure build up in abdomen.

Inbuilt Gas Warmer:
The Co2 insufflator has unique heating systems that provides a constant temperature for the Co2 to reduce chill effect of high flow insufflation & lenses telescope fogging.

Advance Flow Control:
The Co2 insufflator is highly adaptable advance flow control insufflation for precise and safe gas flow to meet patient requirement.Better precision for measurement of volume & flow of Co2.The Co2 has pressure range from 4 to 30 mm Hg.

Special feature that assures a constant pressure of the Co2.If actual pressure is more than set pressure, the system offers a rapid & instantaneous release over. Low gas pressure alarm & pressure release systems helps to assure patient safety.

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ENT-1000 Basic OPD Camera for Students

ESC ENT-1000 Camera is cost effective imaging solution used for Basic ENT applications, Simple imaging application, student training programs only. It can fit to standard Rigid Endoscopes or Borescopes. This camera has automatic white balance and does not require any manual white balance .It is provided with coupler for rigid endoscopes and its 3 metre cable and power adapter for plug n play easy connectivity. It can be directly plugged into TV/LCD. It is not recommended to use this camera for any type of surgical applications.

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Portable LED Light Source


- High Power 10 watt LED
- Replacable Lithium Battery
- Direct USB Charging
- Fit all Rigid Endoscopes
- Premium Metal Design

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