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0 and 30 Degree HD View Wide Angle Laparoscopes
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Sufficient and evenly distributed light is essential for laparoscopy in Gynaecological and Urological Minimally Invasive Surgery. The newly designed optical system in the 10 mm HD laparoscope provides sharp image quality and detailed visualisation of small vessels with low contrasts. The new illumination design with larger relay lens diameter, improves light transfer through the lenses, giving you more precise images even at the edges. With clarity of view over the entire monitor, procedures are less fatiguing for colorectal surgery and general surgery operators.
Features :-

Newly designed optical system

Sharp image quality over the entire monitor, with detailed visualisation of small vessels with low contrasts increases accuracy and reduces operator fatigue.

New illumination design

The larger relay lens diameter allows improved image and light transfer through the relay lenses giving you a more precise visualisation.

Improved Durability

The new shock-absorbing lens design dramatically increases its resilience to mechanical shocks, reducing maintenance costs.


The materials used in construction of the laparoscope offer long term endurance against thermal stress, for maximum sterility and product lifespan.

Specifications :-

- 0 / 30 Degree Laparoscope

- Dimension :- 10 x 300 mm.

- Adopt high quality stainless steel material

- Endoscope adopts German optic glass,light fiber and light cone

- Degree :- 0 / 30 / 70 Degree

- Sapphire cover for lens,never abrasion

- Endoscope can stand of temperature of 134°C/273° F   for sterilization

- New optic system,clear field of view

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