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Laparoscopic LED Light Source

Not Just Any Light Source

High Power 120 Watt with

120 Watt Cold LED Light Source

Model : ESC-TI-120W

Introducing our cutting-edge Medical LED Light Source with Trueimage Technology. Designed with precision and innovation, this advanced light source sets a new standard in medical visualization, offering unparalleled accuracy in color representation and ensuring a true-to-life experience for medical professionals.

Upgrade your medical visualization experience with the Trueimage 120W LED – a premium LED light source that goes beyond ordinary illumination to provide accurate, true-color representation, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and perform procedures with unparalleled precision. Elevate your practice and embrace the future of medical lighting.


Illuminate with Precision

Introducing a groundbreaking LED light with Trueimage Technology – a game-changer in illuminating spaces with unparalleled fidelity to true colors. This innovative lighting solution transcends conventional norms, revealing the object in its full spectrum of vibrant and accurate hues. Say goodbye to the dull and distorted representations of cheaper lighting options; this high-CRI LED light is poised to redefine how we perceive and interact with our environment, setting new standards for visual clarity and authenticity.

Limitless Reach

Specialized lens on LED guarantees uniform light distribution, banishing shadows from every corner and High power of LED ensures that light penetrates depths like never before, unveiling details previously hidden in obscurity.


Power Beyond Limits

High Power 120 Watt LED Chip, radiates an unparalleled number of lumens, effortlessly illuminating vast areas with its intense glow.

Empowering Efficiency

Built for performance, the high-power LED chip maximizes the efficiency of energy-to-light conversion, resulting in an impressive lumens-per-watt ratio. This means that a substantial portion of the energy consumed is efficiently transformed into brilliant light, minimizing wastage and reducing overall power consumption.


Soft Touch Button Control

Digital Display with soft touch buttons for intensity control adding durability over other delicate touch screen system.

Real-Time Images


- Display :- Digital Screen Display

- Bulb Type :- Cold White LED

- LED Power :- 120 Watt.

- LED colour temp. :- 5700~6500k

- Illumination :- >4,000,000 Lux

- LED age :- 50,000 Hrs.

- Timer with memory for age display.

- Intensity Control :- Soft Touch Button

- Temperature Display for heat management

- Maximum lumin:-2700 Lumin Over full intensity.

- LED Angle : with 60 Degree concealed lens.

- Noise :- <26 dB

- Free Input voltage 85V~240V 50 Hz

- Working temperature: 5~60 Degree.

- Light output suitable for diagnostic and surgery both

- Dual fans to control the heat

- True tone light :- Perfect blend of white & yellow for true W/B

- Heavy Metal housing for high durability

- STORZ fiber cable compatibility

- Dimensions (WxHxD) :- (350*250*100)mm

-  Weight: 6 kg approx  

Product features, specifications & prices are subject to changes without any prior notice Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.

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