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Pipe Borescope Lens

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Rigid Borescope


People buy our Remote Visual Inspection products because they either have a problem, think they have a problem, or need to know there isn’t a problem. We try to provide the solution to these questions with images from deep inside structures, turbine and reciprocating engines, aircraft, machines and products of all kinds. We offer you the most cost-effective solution to your inspection problem.In our core business of Remote Visual Inspection, we offer a complete portfolio of equipment including Rigid Borescopes, Industrial Fibrescopes, Industrial VideoProbe systems, CCD cameras and related products for video documentation and photography.

Performance Features:


Precision Optics:

Rigid Borescopes feature precision lenses, prisms and cover-glasses that deliver bright, clear images. The use of a special penta-prism at the tip ensures correct image orientation without the need for a compensating dove-prism. Special attention to maximizing light transmission in the optical path results in increased image brightness, and the on-axis resolution at the image center is held as high as possible towards the edge of the field of view. This uniform, flat field makes the smallest defects visible, and greatly reduces user eyestrain.

Superior Illumination Performance:

By bringing the illumination fibers close to the viewing window at the distal tip, in a “wrap-around” arrangement, the parallax between illumination and optical fields is virtually eliminated, considerably reducing the closest illuminated viewing distance.

Rugged Construction:

Rigid Borescopes are specifically designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, with all-metal construction, tripletube shafts and durable hard-anodized aluminum bodies

All-Metal Body:

An anodized aluminum body provides a secure and rugged location for the rotatable insertion tube and the ocular eyepiece.

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