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Introducing our 40L CO2 Insufflator, a reliable and efficient solution for medical procedures. With its impressive 40L capacity, this insufflator ensures a steady supply of CO2 gas during surgeries. Designed to meet the needs of the Indian medical industry, this device guarantees optimal performance and safety. Our insufflator is easy to operate and provides reliable gas flow control, allowing surgeons to focus on the procedure without any interruptions. Whether it's laparoscopy or endoscopy, this CO2 insufflator is your ideal companion. Trust in its capacity, gas type, and quality to enhance your surgical experience and achieve exceptional outcomes


- High pressure Co2 from the main cylinder can be connected direct to the insufflator. - Micro controller based closed loop technology ensures precise control of pressure/flow parameters.•

- Electronic  memory  retains last  set values  of pressure, flow rate and pumped gas volume.•

- Inbuilt gas   warmer provides warm   Co2 at trocar minimizing fogging and all disadvantages of chilled gas entering abdomen.•

- Intermediate gas flow controller  ensures stable abdominal distention during surgery.•

- Functional and user-friendly design.•

- Various safety features & meets quality standards.•

- Rapid  delivery  of  gas  &  provide  immediate  responsefor all procedures.

- With a generous 40-liter capacity, our CO2 insufflator provides an extended supply of carbon dioxide, minimizing interruptions during critical procedures.


- Gas: Co2

- CO gas supply systems: UNF 7/16''. 2•

- Insufflation pressure Min. to Max.: 4 - 30 mm Hg (To an accuracy of 1 mm Hg)

- Flow rate min to max.: 1 to 40 Ltrs /Min continious

- Internal over pressure release valve

- Output connection - 6 to 7 mm ID tube

- 7 Segment display: Showing set & actual pressure, set & actual flow,   temperature & Gas consumption

- Keyboard - feather touch

- Power Input - 110V / 230 VAC + 15% @ 50 - 60 HZ.

- Protection by fuse: 5A - Power consumption

- 125W Max with warmer else 20W Max                            •

- Weight: Approx. 4 kg



Key Features of the CO2 Insufflator

  • High Capacity: Our CO2 Insufflator boasts a spacious 40-liter capacity, providing ample gas for prolonged laparoscopic procedures while maintaining stable intra-abdominal pressure throughout the surgery.

  • Advanced Accessories: The insufflator comes with high-pressure metal pipe and a silicone tubing set, ensuring secure and reliable gas delivery to the surgical site, minimizing the risk of leakage and maintaining optimal pneumoperitoneum.

  • Precision Control: Equipped with intuitive controls and adjustable settings, our insufflator allows surgeons to precisely regulate gas flow and pressure, ensuring optimal surgical conditions and patient comfort during procedures.


Clinical Advantages of the CO2 Insufflator

  • Enhanced Surgical Conditions: The precise control and consistent gas delivery of our insufflator create and maintain optimal surgical conditions, enabling surgeons to perform procedures with improved visibility and accuracy.

  • Reduced Procedure Time: With its high capacity and efficient gas delivery system, our insufflator contributes to shorter procedure times, enhancing surgical efficiency and patient recovery.

  • Comprehensive Accessory Set: The inclusion of high-pressure metal pipe and silicone tubing set ensures compatibility and reliability, facilitating seamless integration into existing laparoscopic setups and workflows

Laparoscopic Co2 Insufflator 40 Litres

SKU: 110.040
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