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Endoscopy & Laparoscopic Camera System

Für Urologie, Laparoskopie, HNO, Arthroskopie & Verschiedene andere Anwendungen


For Laparoscopy, Urology, ENT, Arthroscopy, Hysteroscopy etc.


Hochauflösende Endoskopiekamera mit integrierter LED-Lichtquelle und Trueimage-Technologie


Hochauflösende Endoskopiekamera mit integrierter LED-Lichtquelle und Trueimage-Technologie


Full HD 1080p 60Fps Laparoskopische & Endoskopiekamera

&Ampere; Laparoskopische Kamera mit 2,4 Megapixel und 60 Bildern pro Sekunde
&Ampere; Eingebauter medizinischer USB-Recorder

Camera for Diagnostic Applications

For Portable ENT, OPD and Diagnostic Arthroscopy etc.

HD3100 ENT HD Endoscopy Camera

HD Endoscopy
Camera 720p with HDR

Professional Range HD Endoscopy Camera with 720p resolution and durable design with waterproof coupler lens suitable for diagnostic usage.


Basic OPD Endoscopy Camera

Basic Endoscopy Camera to fulfil the need of students or beginners for simple imaging

ENT Portable Endoscopy Combo OPD unit with LED Light Source

Camera Combo Unit with
LED Light Source

Portable 2 in 1 Endoscopy Camera with HD High Resolution and inbuilt 80W LED Light Source. Compact Unit with durable design for ENT

Portable USB Endoscopy Camera ENT-2000P

Portable USB Endoscope Camera

Mini Portable Endoscopy Camera with plug and play USB connection to Laptop or PC to record videos and pictures for basic ENT imaging for beginners.

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