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    • Designed for Surgical Microscopes, Ophthalmic Slit Lamps and Colposcopes.
    • Adaptable to Carl Zeiss, Moller-Wedel, Topcon, Inami, and Tagaki Operating Microscopes.

    • Adaptable to Topcon, inami, tagaki, Shin-nippon, 66 vision tech etc Slit lamps

    • Works with 1/3" CCD
    • C-mount adapter cannot be detached from it, do not detach cmount adapter from it and attach to other beam splitter, it will not fit



    • Features
    • High Definition
    • True Color Reproduction
    • Fine Focus Control



Topcon Microscope Slit Lamp Beam Splitter with C-Mount Adapter

SKU: 134.000
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