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4k Laparoscopic Camera

Let your Surgical Precision fly to new heights

UHD-LP-6000 Laparoscopy Camera System


Introducing ESC Medicams UHD-LP-6000 4K laparoscopic camera, equipped with ultra HD resolution, revolutionizing surgical visualization. Experience the future of Endoscopy Imaging with our advanced technology, designed to elevate surgical performance and patient care to new heights

Ultra HD Resolution in laparoscopy camera

Ultra HD Resolution

Experience unparalleled clarity and accuracy with high processing speed, ensuring seamless surgery at 60 frames per second with zero delay making it suitable for all types of application like ENT, Hysteroscopy, Urology, Arhtroscopy etc.

Large Immersive View on Surgical Monitor

Large Immersive Imaging

Enhance surgical precision with our immersive 4K laparoscopic camera, offering detailed zoom capabilities for clear visualization of even the smallest anatomical nuances


Fourfold Pixels Power for Detailed Zoom

High pixel density ensures that even the smallest details are captured and surgeons can zoom without sacrificing 4k image quality, allowing for precise examination during Laparoscopy and other surgical procedures.

Full HD

4k Ultra HD

inbuilt surgical recorder for laparoscopic procedures

Inbuilt Surgical Recorder

Record 4k Videos and Images of Surgeries by connecting external USB hard disk upto 1TB and users can conveniently playback recorded content directly on the camera itself, eliminating the need for a separate PC.

CMOS Chip Sensor with 3x Power

CMOS 3 Chip Laparoscopy Camera

The incorporation of 4K Ultra HD CMOS chip technology with three times more power in laparoscopic cameras marks a significant advancement in medical imaging. These cutting-edge chips boast a higher pixel density, resulting in unparalleled image clarity and detail, crucial for delicate Endoscopy procedures

multiple monitor output for surgery

Multiple Monitor Output

With its multiple HDMI outputs, it allows seamless connection to two monitors simultaneously, providing real-time visualization on each display with unparalleled detail and accuracy.


Fits all Brand Rigid Endoscopes

All types of Rigid Endoscope like Storz, Stryker ,Richard Wolf can be connected


Suitable for all types of Surgeries

Multiple modes for Laparoscopy, ENT, Arthroscopy, Urology etc.

Wide View Sony Chip with 60Fps

Capture more details in a single frame with Bigger, wider Sony sensor as compared to conventional 1/3” sensors which crops the important details.


Low Light Vision

Advanced sensor technology enhances sensitivity to available light, ensuring vivid visualization of anatomical structures even in dimly lit spaces within the body

Upgrade your old ESC Camera to 4k System

Say goodbye to outdated equipment and hello to cutting-edge innovation with our exclusive buyback option! Upgrade your vision effortlessly by trading in your old camera for credit towards the latest and greatest models. Fill in the request form below and we will get in touch with you soon.

Product Video



- Premium Resolution 8 Megapixel Utlra HD
- Frame Rate - 60 Fps

- Chip : Sony 1/1.8” Ex-Mor CMOS HDR Sensor
- Effective Pixels : 3840 (H) x 2160 (V) = 8.29 Megapixels
- SDI Output Resolution : 2160p@60/50 Fps, 1080p @60/50 Fps.
- DVI Output Resolution : 2160p@60/50 Fps
- HDMI Output Resolution : 2160p@60/50 Fps, 1080p @60/50 Fps.
- Output Format : HDMI, EX-SDI, DVI

- Menu - Support Keys Function
- Focal Length of Lens - 22mm (By Default), Zoom Lens (Optional)
- Control unit Buttons - Menu, Record, Photo, Bright +, Bright -, AWB.
- Camera Head Keys - Record, Photo, AWB, Freeze
- Waterproof Camera Head - Yes
- Sterilization of Camera Head - ETO, Cides Tray, Formalin chamber
- Video Playback - Supported
- USB Port - USB3.0
- Supported USB Drive - Upto 1 TB external HDD
- Modes - Laparoscopy, ENT, Arthroscopy, Urology, Hysteroscopy.
- Inbuilt Fan to control the Heat
- Recording Resolution : 4k Ultra HD 60fps.

- Supported Monitor : Only 4k UHD Monitor with HDMI Input 
- Exposure : Adjustable
- Brightness : Adjustable
- Contrast : Adjustable
- Image Flip : Yes
- Image Mirror : Yes
- Digital Noise Reduction

- Power Input : DC 12V
- Control Unit Size (mm) : 350 (W) x 100 (H) x 350 (L)
- Weight of Control Unit : 7 Kg (Approx)

Items Included
1.) Camera Head with 22mm Fixed LEns
2.) 4k Processor
3.) Full HD HDMI Cable
4.) 4k HDMI Cable 3 meters
5.) Power Cable
6.) Earthing Cable

Product features, specifications & prices are subject to changes without any prior notice Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.

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