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4k Microscope Camera

Operating and Surgical Imaging System





Record Videos via 4k USB Recorder

High Resolution 8 Megapixel Videos directly to PC using 4k USB Recorder


Ultra High Definition
4k UHD 60Fps

Experience unparalleled clarity, displayed on large screens for an immersive and lifelike viewing experience

Wide View Sony Chip with 60Fps

Capture more details in a single frame with Bigger, wider Sony sensor as compared to conventional 1/3” sensors which crops the important details.


Low Light Vision

Detailed images even at low intensity of light. Procedures at low light level are less stressful for the patient as well as for the surgeon’s eyes


4 Times more pixels than Full HD

With four times the number of pixels, 4K provides sharper and more detailed images, resulting in enhanced clarity, finer textures, and more vivid colors. This increased pixel density is especially noticeable on larger screens, delivering a more immersive and lifelike viewing experience.

Uniform Illumination over Full Frame

Unform distribution of light through wide sensor to illuminate every corner. Small sensors are unable to cover the wide frame which creates shadow corner.


Zero Delay Videos for Operating Microscopes

Designed for seamless 4K video recording, the advanced processor ensures swift and efficient image processing. Experience smooth and detailed footage, with quick focusing and rapid 60 frame rates, allowing you to seize every moment with stunning clarity.

Wide view with Large Sony Sensor for Ophthalmic Surgery

Bigger sensor covers Wide frame to cover the maximum area and provide uninterrupted view in Retina Surgery. Smaller sensor shows zoomed images.


Record 4K Videos to PC with 4K USB3.0 Recorder


Connect to PC to record videos using software which is provided with the camera using USB 3.0 Type-C Cable


View Live 4k videos simultaneously from HDMI output using 3 Meters 4k HDMI Cable provided with the Camera


Connect HDMI output to Recorder using 3 Meters 4k HDMI Cable provided with the Camera

Fits to any C-Mount Adapter for Zeiss, Leica, Topcon, Takagi etc

Standard Universal C-Mount dimension of the camera mount which can be fitted on any c-mount adapter on Beam Splitter.



- Premium Resolution 8 Megapixel 
- Frame Rate - 60 Fps

- Chip : Sony 1/1.8” Ex-Mor CMOS HDR Sensor
- Effective Pixels : 3840 (H) x 2160 (V) = 8.29 Megapixels
- SDI Output Resolution : 2160p@60/50 Fps, 1080p @60/50 Fps.
- HDMI Output Resolution : 2160p@60/50 Fps, 1080p @60/50 Fps.
- Output Format : HDMI, EX-SDI

- Mounting Port - C-Mount
- Menu - Support Keys Function
- Inbuilt Fan to control the Heat
- Recording Resolution : 4k Ultra HD 60fps.
- Min. PC Requirement : Windows 10, 8GB Ram, Graphics Card 1GB.

- Supported Monitor : Only 4k UHD Monitor with HDMI Input 
- Exposure : Adjustable
- Brightness : Adjustable
- Contrast : Adjustable
- Image Flip : Yes
- Image Mirror : Yes
- Digital Noise Reduction

- Power Input : DC 12V
- Size : 73 (W) x 71 (H) x 140 (L)
- Weight : 0.42 Kg (Approx)

Items Included
1.) Camera
2.) 4k USB Recorder
3.) USB3.0 Cable
4.) 4k HDMI Cable 3 meters - 2 pieces
5.) DC 12V Power Adapter
6.) Software CD


Product features, specifications & prices are subject to changes without any prior notice Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.

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