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The 4mm x 300mm / 2.9mm x 300mm - High Definition Hysteroscope for Hysteroscopy procedures offer users outstanding image quality, durability, and convenience. The true-color HD lens system provides crystal-clear images throughout the entire endoscopic field.



The High Definition Hysteroscope have been optimized to deliver excellent contrast and high resolution. The true colour HD lens system allows for definition and clarity of finest structures in the entire endoscopic field. This effect is emphasized by the homogenous light distribution.



The three tube construction of telescopes increases the durability. Superior long-term autoclavability in addition to washer/disinfector compatibility contributes to a high mechanical durability.



HD hysteroscope come in a full complement in direction of view as well as traditional and reversed light post options.



- 30 Degree Full HD 1080p Hysteroscope

- Dimension :- 4 x 300 mm. / 2.9mm x 300mm (Optional)

- Adopt high quality stainless steel material

- Endoscope adopts German optic glass,light fiber and light cone

- Degree :- 30

- Sapphire cover for lens, never abrasion

- Endoscope can stand of temperature of 134°C/273° F for sterilization

- New optic system,clear field of view

- Comes with storz adapter for light cable input


A Hysteroscope Full HD Rigid Endoscope is a high-definition, rigid optical instrument used in gynecological procedures to visualize and diagnose conditions within the uterus and uterine cavity through hysteroscopy.

Here's a concise description:

This endoscope is equipped with advanced high-definition imaging technology, providing clear and detailed images of the uterine cavity. Its rigid design allows for precise control and stability during procedures, enabling the gynecologist to navigate through the uterus with accuracy. The full HD resolution ensures exceptional image quality, enhancing visualization of uterine abnormalities, such as polyps, fibroids, or adhesions. With its ergonomic handle and compatibility with other surgical instruments, this hysteroscope facilitates minimally invasive procedures while optimizing patient comfort and safety.


Warranty of Rigid Endoscope:


Rigid Endoscopes are not covered under warranty because it is delicate glass product. It has warranty against any damage during transportation upto 24 hours from the date of delivery.  Once you receive the endoscope, kindly check for any damage or quality issue and inform within 24 hours from the date of delivery. After 24 hours, any product cannot be returned or replaced for any reason or damage.


Hysteroscope Full HD Rigid Endoscope with Storz Type Light Port

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