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- Support Direct USB Pen Drive upto 64GB for recording and snapshot.

- Input : AV Input, HDMI Input

- Output : HDMI Output

- Enhanced HDMI Output

- Recording Resolution: 1080p@60fps

- Direct Camera Input ( Cable Provided )

- One-touch recording and snapshot button

- Snapshot and record through remote

- Full HD 1080P Recording

- Input : BNC Composite Video input

- Playback function eliminates need of PC

- HDMI Input for HD Cameras

- Fully Metal Body for long life

- Support USB Pen Drive upto 64 GB


A Laparoscopic Medical Recorder for Surgical Camera is a specialized device used in laparoscopic, ENT, Urology surgery to capture high-quality video and images from the surgical camera and record them for documentation, analysis, and educational purposes. 

  • Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with laparoscopic camera systems like stryker 1288, 1488 or Storz full hd system commonly used in minimally invasive surgery, ensuring compatibility with various camera models and brands.

  • Video Recording: Capable of recording high-definition 1080p video footage from the laparoscopic camera in real-time, capturing the entire surgical procedure or specific segments as needed.

  • Image Capture: Allows for the capture of still images from the laparoscopic camera at critical points during the surgery, such as before and after key maneuvers or when identifying anatomical structures.

  • High-Quality Output: Produces video and image recordings with excellent clarity and resolution, enabling detailed visualization of the surgical field and structures.

  • User Interface: Features an intuitive user interface with easy-to-use controls for starting and stopping recordings, capturing images.

  • Storage: Offers sufficient storage capacity to store multiple hours of video footage and a large number of images, through external storage options such as USB drives or memory cards upto 64GB


Laparoscopic Medical Recorder for Surgical Camera

SKU: 139.000
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