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1.) Cutting-Edge Laser Technology: Incorporates advanced laser technology for precise tissue ablation or coagulation during urology TURP procedures.


2.) Versatile Laser Options: Compatible with various laser types, such as Holmium or Thulium, providing flexibility for different surgical applications.


3.) Compact Endoscopic Design: Features a slender, endoscopic tube designed for easy insertion through the urethra, minimizing patient discomfort.


4.) Rotatable continuous irrigation design to prevent urethral injury effectively .


5.) Resectoscope is compatible with Storz Type 4mm Cystoscope.


- 26fr Continous Flow-360 degree Rotation

- Compatible Endoscope - 4mm 302mm Storz Type 30 Degree Hysteroscope or Cystoscope

- Inner rotatable sheath For a greater freedom of movement during the surgery.

- Double sheath system permits 360° rotation and ensures more freedom of movement.

- Ceramic Tip Sheath

- Passive Cutting Action Working Element

- Laser Guide Channel 1.2mm for safe guidance of laser fiber without vibrations

- 4mm x 30 degree High Resolution Endoscope manufactured with German Optics.

- LOGO or marking is not printed on any instruments.


Included Items : 


1.) Passive Working Element for 4mm Cystoscope or Hysteroscope.

2.) 26fr Outer Sheath.

3.) Inner Sheath

Laser Resectoscope TURP Set with Sheath for Storz compatible Endoscope

SKU: 377.000
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