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The "urology plasma button loop" design refers to the shape of the electrode tip. It typically features a small, rounded button-shaped surface that delivers the plasma energy. This design allows for precise and controlled application of energy to the tissue, minimizing collateral damage to surrounding structures.

Urology plasma button electrodes are used for various purposes in urological surgery, including cutting, coagulating, and vaporizing tissue. They are often used in procedures such as transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), bladder tumor resection, and ureteral stricture treatment.

These electrodes are typically compatible with electrosurgical generators that provide plasma-based energy. Surgeons can manipulate the electrode using specialized instruments during endoscopic procedures, allowing for precise and effective tissue treatment while minimizing patient trauma and recovery time.

  • Polarity : Bipolar
  • Spherical shape results in well-coagulated, smooth tissue
  • Easy-to-learn vaporization technique
  • Safe, controlled, and precise vaporization and removal of tissue
  • Each electrode individually tested for High Frequency leak test.
  • Compatible Resectoscope : Storz / Olympus / Wolf 
  • Provides efficient cutting of tissue
  • Size : 24fr


Urology Plasma Button Electrode Loop for Storz, Olympus, Wolf

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