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80W LED Light Source


ESC Medicams ESC-LED-80W is latest Cold LED Light Source for medical Endoscopy, powered by ultra bright 80 watt LED Chip. Its sleek and compact design along with extreme brightness makes it a perfect choice for those looking for portable solution which can be used for all the applications.


Reveal subtle colour variations

Color Rendering index (CRI) describes how a light source makes the colour of an object appear to human eyes and how well subtle variations in colour shades are revealed.

Pure White
LED Light

It is equipped with latest LED Chip which last longer and emits less heat.


Sleek Compact

Designed to match the need of doctors looking for portable all-in-one light source which is easy-to-carry and can be used for all types of applications. Its sturdy and sleek design as compared to conventional bulky light source makes ESC-LED-80W their first choice.

High Brightness

High Illumination even at low intensity. Narrow concentrated beam to achieve maximum brightness equivalent to other expensive and bulkier light source with high power LEDs.


Intro Video


- Cost Effective LED Technology

- High Power : 80 Watt

- Illumination : > 2,000,000 Lux

- LED Life Span : 40,000 Hours +

- Constant Color Temperature

- Color Temperature :- 5700k

- Light Port Type :- Wolf

- Color Rendition Index (CRI) :- 75

- Constant Light Intensity over lifetime

- Low Energy consumption

- High brightness, Noise-free imaging

- Compact Design : 275*220*80 cm

- Fan for Efficient Heat Control

- Input Voltage : AC110~250V

Product features, specifications & prices are subject to changes without any prior notice Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.

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