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Surgical Microscope Camera

Full HD 1080p with Recorder



High Definition
Complete Solution for Surgical Imaging

Easy to connect,
Easy to record

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Record HD 1080p Videos & Photos

Record directly into the USB Drive from full HD Recorder

High Definition Sharp Detailed Vision

Full HD 1080p with 60 fps zero delay produces sharper & deeper details
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High Dynamic Range

HDR captures bright highlights and deep shadow details with delicate nuances of color

High Sensitivity 1/1.8” Wide Sensor 

Capture more details in a single frame with Bigger, wider Sony sensor as compared to conventional 1/3” Small CCD Sensor

Reduced Motion Blur with 60 Fps 

More frames per second allow for the capture of more details in each moment of the surgical procedure. A higher frame rate can enhance the perception of depth in the video feed
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Best Low Light Performance

Exceptional visibility during minimally invasive procedures. Equipped with advanced sensor technology and low-light image enhancement features, this camera delivers sharp, detailed images in challenging lighting environments. Surgeon can carry out procedure at low intensity of light causing less strain to patient's eye

Wide view with Large Sony Sensor for Ophthalmic Surgery

Bigger sensor covers Wide frame to cover the maximum area and provide uninterrupted view in Retina Surgery. Smaller sensor shows zoomed images.

Record Full HD Videos directly to USB Drive

Connect the USB Drive upto 64 GB to Record full hd Videos and Pictures
Connect the Monitor using HDMI Cable provided with the unit
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Connect the IR for the Remote control to Record Videos and pictures

Easy Connectivity

Mount the Camera on C-mount port of the microscope. Connect the Recorder unit (TO BE KEPT NEAR MONITOR) with camera using 6 meters cable provided with the unit.
6 Meters Cable provided with camera

Fits to any C-Mount Adapter for Zeiss, Leica, Topcon, Takagi etc

Camera is suitable for all types of microscopes. Its thread dimension is universally same and mounts on C-mount Adapter attached to Beam splitter of the microscope.


- Full HD Resolution - 2.4 Megapixel
- Frame Rate - 60 Fps
- Chip : Sony 1/1.8” Ex-Mor CMOS HDR Sensor
- Effective Pixels : 2050 (H) x 1180 (V) = 2.4 Megapixels
- HDMI Output Resolution : 1080p @60/50 Fps.
- Output Format : HDMI
- Mounting Port - C-Mount
- Supported Pen Drive : Upto 64 GB USB Drive.
- Menu - Support Keys Function
- Recording Resolution : Full HD 60fps.
- Preferred Monitor : Monitor with 1 billion color support
- Brightness : Adjustable
- Contrast : Adjustable
- Image Flip & Mirror : Yes

- Digital Noise Reduction
- Power Input : DC 12V
- Camera Size : 42(W) x 42.5 (H) x 49 (L)
- Recorder Size : 210(L) x 190(W) x 60(H) mm
- Camera Weight : 157 grams (Approx)

Items Included


Optional Accessories (at extra cost)

1.) Beam Splitter with C-mount Adapter for Zeiss, Topcon, Takagi, Labomed etc.
2.) Long SDI + Power Cable - 10 Meters
3.) Footswitch to take snapshots

Product features, specifications & prices are subject to changes without any prior notice Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.

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