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  • An ENT camera with HD resolution and a white balance option would offer several benefits:

  • High Definition (HD) Resolution: HD resolution provides clearer and more detailed images, which can be crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning in ear, nose, and throat procedures. It allows medical professionals to see fine details with greater clarity.

  • White Balance Option: White balance adjustment ensures that colors in the captured images are accurate and true to life. This feature is particularly important in medical imaging to accurately represent the tissues and conditions being examined. By adjusting white balance, the camera can compensate for different lighting conditions and produce more accurate color reproduction.

  • Enhanced Visualization: Combining HD resolution with white balance adjustment can significantly enhance visualization during ENT examinations. Clear, detailed images with accurate color representation can help healthcare providers make more informed decisions and provide better patient care.

  • - Latest Sony HD CMOS Sensor
  • - Sensor : 1/2.8” Sony 720p
  • - Resolution : 1.2 Megapixel
  • - Waterproof and Anti-Reflection Lens
  • - Freeze Button on the camera head
  • - Connect to PC/Laptop and record files using Software
  • - Digital 5x Zoom for in-depth view.
  • - Adjustable Brightness and Colors
  • - Support all Rigid Endoscope and storz flexible scopes.
  • - Waterproof and dustproof camera head
  • - Control unit  Dimensions : 220 * 275 * 80 mm.  

Professional Range ENT HD Endoscopy Camera 1.2mp HDR

SKU: 117.000
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