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Urology Cutting loop electrodes design allows for efficient cutting, coagulation, and tissue removal during procedures such as transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), bladder tumor resection, and ureteral stone removal. Surgeons manipulate these electrodes through specialized instruments inserted through the urinary tract, allowing for precise and controlled tissue treatment.

Urology loop electrodes are typically compatible with electrosurgical generators that provide the necessary electrical energy for tissue cutting and coagulation. They come in different sizes and configurations to suit the specific requirements of different procedures and patient anatomy.


  • Designed to be used with Bipolar or Monopolar current.
  • Polarity - Bipolar / Monopolar
  • Tip - Cutting / Collins / Roller / Ball / Plasma Button
  • Each electrode individually tested for High Frequency leak test.
  • Compatible resectoscopes - Storz / Olympus
  • Provides efficient cutting of tissue.
  • Designed to provide operational efficiency
  • Electrode surface area designed for effective coagulation
  • Size : 24fr


Compatible with :-

  • STORZ 1 Stem, 30 Degrees Instrument
  • Olympus 30 Degree Instrument

Urology Cutting Loop Electrodes for Monopolar Bipolar Storz, Olympus

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