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Key Features of the Bipolar TURP Set

  • Compatibility with Storz-type Endoscopes: Our TURP Set is seamlessly compatible with Storz-type endoscopes, ensuring easy integration into existing surgical setups and facilitating a smooth transition for urologists.

  • Bipolar Technology: Utilizing bipolar technology, our TURP Set offers precise cutting and coagulation capabilities.

  • Ergonomic Design: Designed with user comfort in mind, our TURP Set features an ergonomic handle and intuitive controls, allowing for comfortable and precise manipulation during surgery, reducing surgeon fatigue.

  • Versatile Accessories: The Bipolar TURP Set comes with a range of versatile accessories, including electrodes and sheaths, to accommodate diverse procedural requirements and patient anatomies.


Enhanced Precision: With advanced bipolar technology and compatibility with Storz-type endoscopes, our TURP Set enables urologists to achieve precise tissue resection and hemostasis, resulting in improved surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

  • Reduced Procedure Time: The efficient cutting and coagulation capabilities of our TURP Set contribute to shorter procedure times, minimizing patient discomfort and optimizing surgical efficiency.



Combined with a high precision working element designed to reduce friction for a smooth cutting experience, ESC Medicams Resectoscope system provide the latest in innovation for controlled, precise and quick tissue removal. This instrument offers incredible comfort and simple handling. 

The rotating double sheath system allows the working element to rotate through 360° without the outer sheath rotating along in the cervical channel. The result is more freedom of movement. In addition, the continous irrigation sheath offers a clear view throughout the procedure. 

It can be used for both monopolar and bipolar resection, depending on the user's requirement. resectoscopes also includes the Rotating Continuous Flow Resectoscope, which enhances ease of use by enabling rotation of the working element and telescope to the desired position independently of the sheaths. The result is no rotating components in the urethra and no tangled tubing due to rotating flow ports, making procedures simpler. An ergonomic position is provided for each of your fingers. You will have a better hold of the resectoscope and your gesture will be more accurate.



  • Inner rotatable sheath For a greater freedom of movement during the surgery.
  • Double sheath system permits 360° rotation and ensures more freedom of movement.
  • Reduced Dilatation effort.
  • Hybrid technology for monopolar and bipolar applications with the same basic instrument
  • The connectors are compatible with endoscopic equipment from leading manufacturers, including Storz products.


  • Sterilization can take place at low temperatures.
  • Available in 26fr Sheath.
  • Compatible with Storz Type Rigid Endoscopes.
Items Included :
  • Bipolar Working Element  (Compatible with Monopolar also)
  • Inner & Outer Sheath 26fr. (Compatible with 4mm Rigid Endoscopes)

Urology Resectoscope Bipolar TURP Set - Storz Compatible Sheath

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