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Co2 Insufflator 30 Litres

Model No.: CO2-30L

Highlights :-

-  High Pressure Co2 from the main cylinder can be connected direct to the insufflator.

-  Micro Controller based closed loop technology ensures precise control of pressure/flow parameters.

-  Electronic memory retains last set values of pressure, flow rate and pumped gas volume.

-  Inbuilt gas warmer provides warm Co2 at trocar minimizing fogging and all disadvantages of

Chilled gas entering abdomen.

-  Continuous gas flow controller ensures stable abdominal distention during surgery.

-  Functional and user – friendly design.

-  Compact & light weight.

-  Various safety features & meets quality standards.

-  Rapid delivery of gas & provide immediate response for procedures.

Performance Features:


Software controlled technology to initiate calibration of pressure and flow of system when insufflator is turn on. Software controlled pressure release mechanism to prevent excess pressure build up in abdomen.

Inbuilt Gas Warmer:

The Co2 insufflator has unique heating systems that provides a constant temperature for the Co2 to reduce chill effect of high flow insufflation & lenses telescope fogging.

Advance Flow Control:

The Co2 insufflator is highly adaptable advance flow control insufflation for precise and safe gas flow to meet patient requirement.Better precision for measurement of volume & flow of Co2.The Co2 has pressure range from 4 to 30 mm Hg.


Special feature that assures a constant pressure of the Co2.If actual pressure is more than set pressure, the system offers a rapid & instantaneous release over. Low gas pressure alarm & pressure release systems helps to assure patient safety.

Front Panel Displays and Controls:

  • Veres/trocar mode.

  • Separate digital display for actual value and set value of pressure and flow rate.

  • Pumped gas volume counter with Reset button.

  • Display for actual gas consumption & temperature.

  • Outlet gas temp with heater on indicator.

  • Co2/Air mode button for emergency.

  • Co2 gas status indicator.

Technical Specifications


  • Gas: Co2 (Medical)

  • CO gas Supply system: UNF 7/16”.2

  • Insufflation pressure Min. to Max. : 4 - 30 mm Hg (To an accuracy of 1 mm Hg)

  • Flow Rate min to max. : 1 to 30 ltrs/Min continuous

  • Internal over pressure release value

  • Output connection – 6 to 7 mm ID tube


  • 7 Segment display: Showing set & actual pressure, set & actual flow, Temperature & Gas consumption

  • Keyboard – feather touch


- 30L Insufflators Precise control of pressure/flow Parameters
- Inbuilt gas warmer provides warm results minimizing fogging
- Over pressure alarm & pressure release systems – help assure patient safety.
- Continuous flow provides easy procedures
- Advance high speed microcontroller technology
- Greater accuracy & measurement of Co2
- Reduce Nursing attention
- Automatic overpressure gas release
- Insufflation Pressure :- 3-25 mm Hg
- Gas Connection :- UNF 7/16”
- Input Pressure :- 3 Bar Min.
- Output Connection :- 9 - 10 mm ID Tube
- Flow Rate Setting :- 1 to 30 Ltrs / Min

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