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Electrosurgical Cautery with Vessel Sealer and Bipolar TURP

Model No.: 400W-VSL

Vessel Sealing System - Monoseal Prime is a forerunner in the field of vessel sealing systems. It presents an improved and safe vessel sealing procedure in the medical sector. Equipped with all safety features like an alarm system and protection from current leakage, this equipment is ideal for minimal access and open surgery. 

Features :

- Vessel fusion with no foreign material 

- Body and cardiac protected design 

- Patient plate alarm system 

- HF leakage current >150mA 

- Vessel fusion with permanent fuses 

- Involve no dissection & isolation 

- Sealing with no sticking or charring 

- Does not rely on proximal thrombus 

- Feedback-controlled response system 

- Automatically stops energy delivery as soon as the seal cycle is complete.

Cut :

- Pure cut - A high-frequency alternating current that causes little or no hemostasis with smooth, rapid cuts 

- Blend 1 - Offers surgeon varying degrees of hemostasis 

- Blend 2 - Vaporization of prostatic tissue or any fat tissue by using higher output wattage 

- Endo cut -Automatically regulate cut system for reducing the complication involved in endoscopic sphincterotomy (EST) and serum hyperamylasemia after EST 


Coag :

-Spray - The Coag mode spray output is used for direct coagulation on tissue with spark. The produced spark is not be able to provide any cutting effect with high CREST FACTOR. 

-Force - High on the degree of homeostatis the Force mode covers the demands of standard coagulation. The result is the production of fine waveform that creates a resistance in the tissue which in turn results in coagulation, where the hyper evaporation will destroy the tissue. The process provides the ability of the removal of surface structures without causing any damage to deep or peripheral tissues and this also cauterize large surface areas quickly when 


-Fulgurate - The sparking in tissue leads towards coagulation. There is no direct contact between tissue and electrode but the voltage is raised to create a spark between the electrodes which in turn coagulate the the tissues in between the process. 

-Desiccate - The desiccation is the mode where the active electrode is in direct contact with tissue for coagulation process. This type of coagulation process is used in most of surgeries and assure pinpoint desiccation with less damage to peripheral tissues. 


Bipolar :

-Bi-coag : For privations of carbonization and highly precise control over coagulation process 

-Bi-cut : Eliminates excessive current, even during precision cutting in minute tissue structure 

-Auto mode : Initiate coagulation by pressing the foot switch and automatically stops output and audio signal after coagulation 

-Seal : Creates vessel fusion with a unique combination of pressure and energy and left no material behind after the process 


- Use in Bipolar SALINE TURP Procedures
- Used in Underwater Cutting
- Vessel Fusion with permanent Fuses
- Sealing with no sticking and charring
- Fuses Vessels upto 7mm in diameter.
- 4 Modes in CUT - Pure,Blend1,Blend2,Endocut
- 4 Modes in COAG - Spray,Force,Fulgurate,Desicate
- 4 Modes in BIPOLAR- Micro,Macro,Cut,Auo-Mode
- Microprocessor controlled Electrosurgical unit
- Bode protected and cardiac protected design
- Patient Plate Fault Monitoring system
- Handswitch and Footswitch Operation
- High Frequency - 400W
- Minimum RF Distortion ; User settable program modes
- HF Leakage current > 150mA
- Weight : 7.5 Kg (Approx.)
- Size (mm) : 410 (L) x 355 (W) x 155 (H)

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