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Endoscopy Laparoscopic Camera

Laparoscopic Camera

Inbuilt 120W Cold LED Light Source

High Definition


Unfold the details

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High Definition Sharp Detailed Vision

High Resolution Images with Sharper Details with 60 Frames per second technology to give zero delay videos.


Wide Shades of RED with 3 Layer Blue Filter

Blue Filter on image sensor ensures that every shade is intensified for a truly immersive visual experience

Wide View Sony Chip with Zero Delay

Capture more details in a single frame with Bigger, wider Sony sensor


Record HD 1080p Videos & Photos

Record directly into the USB Drive with just one click button on Camera head.

4k endoscopy coupler

Anti-Glare Lens

4k High Definition Coupler Lens with Anti Glare Coating for less reflection in liquid.




High Power LED Light Source with


- High Color Accuracy with 120W High Power
- True power of LED is in the ability to render true colors, not in watts
- Trueimage 120W LED – a premium LED light that goes beyond ordinary illumination to provide accurate, true-color representation, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and perform procedures with unparalleled precision

Illuminate the depth and Corners

Specialised lens on LED, Uniformly spreads the light beam to illuminate maximum details in depth and around the corners.


Modular Design

Each component has been meticulously crafted by our team to ensure easy maintenance and availibility of spare parts


Smaller 1/2.8" Sensor

Bigger 1/1.8" Sensor in FHD-LP-5100

Bigger is always Better. Large Sony Exmor Chip

The size of sensor determines how much light it uses to create an image. A bigger sensor can gain more information than a smaller one and produce better images with higher details, better dynamic range and less noise.

Equipped with latest Sony 1/1.8" Sensor which has 50% more surface area than conventional 1/2.8" used in other cameras due to its cheaper price tag, produce images with 50% more pixels.


Multiple modes for different types of Surgeries

Ability to deliver pictures that feel deep, natural and real makes FHD-LP-5000 suitable for all types of applications including Laparoscopy, Urology, Arthroscopy, Laryngoscopy, Nasal Surgery, ENT etc.

Its 4k Anti Reflection Coupler is compatible with all Rigid Endoscopes and Some Flexible Laryngoscopes like Pentax FNL series, Olympus  ENF-GP, XP, P4 and Some Flexible Uretroscopes.


Fits all Brands of Rigid Endoscopes

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Fully Waterproof Camera Head

Completely waterproof camera head for applications like Urology.

Anti-Moire Filter

Reduce the mesh pattern or moire formation in flexible endoscopes by activating Anti-Moire Feature in camera

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Auto Anti-Fog for

Digital Anti-Fog feature which activates automatically  to increase image quality.

zoom logo.png

5x Powerful Zoom

Digital 5x Zoom for detailed examination which can be controlled from programmable camera head keys or Control Unit.

sample video


- Premium Resolution 2.4 Megapixel (1920 x 1080p) @ 60 Fps
- Chip : Sony 1/1.8” Ex-Mor CMOS HDR Sensor
- Different Modes for Laparoscopy, Urology, Arthroscopy, ENT, Flexible etc.
- Full HD 1080p Recording directly into USB Drive
- USB Drive upto 64GB supported
- Output : 2 HDMI , 1 SDI, 1 Video
- LED Power :- 120 Watt.
- LED colour temp. :- 5700~6500k
- Illumination :- >4,000,000 Lux
- LED age :- 50,000 Hrs.
- Timer with memory for age display.
- Intensity Control :- Soft Touch Button
- Temperature Display for heat management
- Maximum lumin:-2700 Lumin Over full intensity.
- Zero Delay Realtime 60 Fps Smooth imaging
- 5x Zoom Button on Control Unit
- Red Color Adjustment : Yes
- Dual fans to control the heat
- IP8X Waterproof design
- Focal Length of the lens: 4k 22mm (Default), 28mm(Optional) ,18-35mm (with additional Cost)
- Compatible Fiber Cable Connector - Storz
- Supported Endoscopes : Rigid Endoscope of all brands, Flexible Endoscopes.
- Anti-Moire Feature for flexible endoscopes.
- Power Input - AC 110~240V

Items Included
1.) Camera Head with Coupler
2.) Control Unit / Processor
3.) Fiber Cable - 2.3 Meters
4.) USB3.0 Pen Drive 64GB.
5.) AC Power Cable - EU / US
6.) HDMI Cable - 3 Meters
7.) Video Cable.
8.) Earthing Cable
9.) Remote Control for Recording


Product features, specifications & prices are subject to changes without any prior notice Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.

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