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  • Introducing ESC Medicams advanced Endoscopy Laparoscopic Camera: Precision and True Color in One. FHD-LP-5100, where sharpness meets authenticity.
    Offering unmatched detail and true-to-life colors, it sets a new standard for medical visualization. With its high-resolution capabilities and Larger Sony Sensor Chip , this camera provides a level of clarity that ensures even the finest details are vividly captured. What sets it apart is its light source which has ability to render true colors, guaranteeing high accuracy and informed decisions.



    Features : 


    1.) Wide Shades of RED with 3 Layer Blue Filter - Blue Filter on image sensor ensures that every shade is intensified for a truly immersive visual experience.

    2.) High Definition Sharp Detailed Vision - High Resolution Images with Sharper Details with 60 Frames per second technology to give zero delay videos.

    3.) Wide View Sony Chip with Zero Delay - Capture more details in a single frame with Bigger, wider Sony sensor.

    4.) Record HD 1080p Videos & Photos - Record directly into the USB Drive with just one click button on Camera head.

    5.) Anti-Glare Lens - 4k High Definition Coupler Lens with Anti Glare Coating for less reflection in liquid.

    6.) Inbuilt 120W Light Source with Trueimage Technology - a premium LED light that goes beyond ordinary illumination to provide accurate, true-color representation, enabling healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and perform procedures with unparalleled precision.

    7.) Illuminate the depth and Corners - Specialised lens on LED, Uniformly spreads the light beam to illuminate maximum details in depth and around the corners.

    8.) All modes of surgery - Laparoscopy, Urology, ENT, Arthroscopy, Flexible modes.


Endoscopy Laparoscopic Camera Full HD with Cold LED Light Source 120W

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