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  • - Cost Effective LED Technology
  • - High Power : 80 Watt
  • - Illumination : > 2,000,000 Lux
  • - LED Life Span : 40,000 Hours +
  • - Constant Color Temperature
  • - Color Temperature :- 5700k
  • - Light Port Type :- Wolf
  • - Color Rendition Index (CRI) :- 75
  • - Constant Light Intensity over lifetime
  • - Low Energy consumption
  • - High brightness, Noise-free imaging
  • - Compact Design : 275*220*80 cm
  • - Fan for Efficient Heat Control
  • - Input Voltage : AC110~250V


troducing our Compact Cold LED Light Source, designed to meet the demanding needs of both endoscopy and laparoscopy procedures. With its innovative technology and compact design, it delivers powerful illumination for surgical precision and diagnostic accuracy, ensuring superior outcomes in every procedure.

Key Features:

  • Compact Size, Powerful Performance: Our light source is engineered to be compact in size without compromising on performance. With 80 watts of power, it provides ample illumination for both surgical and diagnostic applications.

  • Versatile Application: Adaptability is key. Our light source is suitable for a wide range of procedures, including endoscopy and laparoscopy, offering reliable illumination for diverse surgical needs.

  • Focused Beam Optics: Equipped with precision optics, our light source delivers a focused beam that optimizes illumination within a narrow field of view, similar to that of a 120-watt source. This ensures consistent brightness and clarity throughout the procedure.

  • High CRI Value: Experience true-to-life color representation with our high Color Rendering Index (CRI) LED. This enhances tissue differentiation and diagnostic accuracy, crucial for both surgical and diagnostic procedures.

  • Customizable Settings: Tailor the illumination to your specific requirements with adjustable settings for brightness and color temperature. This allows for optimal visualization in various surgical scenarios.

Cold LED Light Source for ENT Endoscopy with 80W

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