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  • Focal Length : 18 - 35 mm.
  • Knobs : Focus Adjustment Knob and Zoom Adjustment Knob.
  • Resolution : 4k
  • Mount : C-Mount
  • Compatible Scope : All Rigid Endoscopes.
  • Lock Type : Spring Lock
  • Supported Camera : All C-Mount Camera or any camera which support c-mount lens.
  • Waterproof : Yes
  • Dustproof : Yes


  • Compatibility: Endoscope couplers are designed to be compatible with specific types of endoscopes, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the endoscope and the imaging equipment. They may be compatible with different endoscope brands or models, depending on the design and specifications of the coupler.

  • Optical Interface: The endoscope coupler features an optical interface that allows light and images to pass between the endoscope and the imaging system. This interface is typically designed to minimize optical distortion and maintain image clarity and resolution during visualization.

  • Mounting Mechanism: Endoscope couplers are equipped with a mounting mechanism that allows them to be securely attached to the distal end of the endoscope. This mounting mechanism involve clamps to ensure a stable and reliable connection between the coupler and the endoscope.

  • Camera Compatibility: Many endoscope couplers are designed to connect the endoscope to a camera system, allowing images and video footage captured by the endoscope to be displayed on a monitor or recorded for documentation purposes. Camera which C Mount compatibility , can fit with this lens.

Endoscope Coupler 4k 18-35mm Zoom Lens Adapter for Endoscopy Camera

SKU: 145.000
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