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In hysteroscopy, an electrode is a surgical instrument used for various purposes, such as cutting, coagulating, or removing tissue within the uterus during a hysteroscopic procedure. These electrodes are specifically designed to be used in the confined space of the uterus, allowing surgeons to perform precise and controlled interventions.


Reusable : yes.

Length : 40cm.

Polarity : Monopolar / Bipolar

Bipolar cable NOT included.

Thickness : 5fr

Flexibility : Semi-Rigid



ApplicationBipolar Dissection , Vaporization Electrode
Dimensions40 cm Length
For Use WithFor use in Hysteroscope
MaterialSemi Rigid
Size5 Fr.
Tip TypeL-Hook / Needle / Ball (Option)
ModelBipolar Electrode / Monopolar

Urology Hysteroscopy Electrode Bipolar Monopolar Hook Semi-Rigid 5fr 40cm

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