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  • Brand : ESC Medicams
  • Application : Laparoscopy
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Diameter : 5 mm.
  • Length : 320 mm.
  • Autoclaveable : Yes
  • Rotatable Handle Design
  • Color : Black
  • Country of Origin : India


The Laparoscopic Bipolar Vessel Sealer Cutter Forceps are specialized instruments used in laparoscopic surgery for sealing and cutting blood vessels and tissue during procedures


  • Bipolar Technology: These forceps utilize bipolar energy technology, which involves the use of two electrodes at the tip of the instrument. When activated, electrical energy passes between these electrodes, causing localized heating of the tissue clamped between them.

  • Sealing and Cutting: The primary function of bipolar vessel sealer cutter forceps is to seal blood vessels and tissue using controlled heat. Once the vessel or tissue is adequately sealed, the forceps can be used to cut it, providing hemostasis and tissue division in a single step.

  • Precise Control: Bipolar vessel sealer cutter forceps offer precise control over the sealing and cutting process, allowing surgeons to seal vessels of varying sizes and tissue types with accuracy. This helps minimize bleeding and tissue damage during surgery.

Laparoscopic Instruments Bipolar Vessel Sealer Cutter Forceps

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