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  • - 30L Insufflators Precise control of pressure/flow Parameters
  • - Inbuilt gas warmer provides warm results minimizing fogging
  • - Over pressure alarm & pressure release systems
  • – help assure patient safety.
  • - Continuous flow provides easy procedures
  • - Advance high speed microcontroller technology
  • - Greater accuracy & measurement of Co2
  • - Reduce Nursing attention
  • - Automatic overpressure gas release
  • - Insufflation Pressure :- 3-25 mm Hg
  • - Gas Connection :- UNF 7/16”
  • - Input Pressure :- 3 Bar Min.
  • - Output Connection :- 9 - 10 mm ID Tube
  • - Flow Rate Setting :- 1 to 30 Ltrs / Min


The Laparoscopic CO2 Insufflator is a cornerstone of laparoscopic surgery, ensuring consistent and controlled insufflation of the abdominal cavity. With its generous 30-liter capacity and advanced accessories, it offers surgeons the confidence to perform procedures with precision and efficiency.


Key Features of the CO2 Insufflator

  • High Capacity: Our CO2 Insufflator boasts a spacious 30-liter capacity, providing ample gas for prolonged laparoscopic procedures while maintaining stable intra-abdominal pressure throughout the surgery.

  • Advanced Accessories: The insufflator comes with high-pressure metal pipe and a silicone tubing set, ensuring secure and reliable gas delivery to the surgical site, minimizing the risk of leakage and maintaining optimal pneumoperitoneum.

  • Precision Control: Equipped with intuitive controls and adjustable settings, our insufflator allows surgeons to precisely regulate gas flow and pressure, ensuring optimal surgical conditions and patient comfort during procedures.


Clinical Advantages of the CO2 Insufflator

  • Enhanced Surgical Conditions: The precise control and consistent gas delivery of our insufflator create and maintain optimal surgical conditions, enabling surgeons to perform procedures with improved visibility and accuracy.

  • Reduced Procedure Time: With its high capacity and efficient gas delivery system, our insufflator contributes to shorter procedure times, enhancing surgical efficiency and patient recovery.

  • Comprehensive Accessory Set: The inclusion of high-pressure metal pipe and silicone tubing set ensures compatibility and reliability, facilitating seamless integration into existing laparoscopic setups and workflows

Laparoscopic Co2 Insufflator 30 Litres

SKU: 110.000
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