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  • Brand : ESC Medicams
  • Application : Laparoscopy
  • 10mm Suction Irrigation Cannula.
  • Round Shape Metal Body ; Nozzle Connections : 180 Deg. for Suction 90 Deg. for Irrigation.
  • 2 Way Side Control (Storz Type).
  • 10mm & 5mm Cannula / Outer Pipe Side Holes Detachable.
  • 2 O’Clock Position.
  • Country of Origin : India


The Laparoscopic Instruments Suction Thumb Control is an essential tool used in laparoscopic surgery to control suction devices during the procedure. Here's an overview of its features and functions:

  • Design: The suction thumb control is designed as a handheld instrument with a thumb-operated mechanism for controlling the suction flow. It typically has a slender, ergonomic handle for comfortable grip and precise control.

  • Thumb-operated Mechanism: The primary feature of the suction thumb control is its thumb-operated mechanism, which allows the surgeon or surgical assistant to control the suction flow rate with a simple thumb movement. This enables precise adjustment of suction levels during various stages of the surgical procedure.

  • Variable Suction Control: The suction thumb control provides variable suction control, allowing the user to adjust the suction intensity according to the specific requirements of the surgical task. This flexibility is essential for effectively removing fluids, smoke, and debris from the surgical site while minimizing trauma to surrounding tissues.

  • Compatibility: The suction thumb control is compatible with a wide range of laparoscopic suction devices commonly used in minimally invasive surgery. It can be easily connected to the suction tubing and integrated into the surgical setup.

Laparoscopic Instruments Suction Thumb Control

SKU: 247.000
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