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  • A laparoscopic trocar reducer is a medical instrument designed to minimize the diameter of the trocar port used during laparoscopic surgery. It allows for the introduction of smaller instruments into the abdominal cavity, reducing trauma to surrounding tissues and improving patient recovery. This device typically consists of a sleeve or adapter that fits securely into the trocar port, narrowing its opening while still allowing the passage of instruments such as graspers, scissors, or cameras.
  • Brand : ESC Medicams
  • Application : Laparoscopy
  • Material : Silicon
  • Size : 10 mm - 5 mm
  • Autoclaveable : Yes
  • Rotatable Handle Design
  • Color : Black
  • Country of Origin : India

Laparoscopic Trocar Reducer

SKU: 235.000
₹495.00 Regular Price
₹396.00Sale Price
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