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- High Power LED :- 10 Watt (5+5)

- Mini portable wireless design - High Illumination :- upto 90,000 lux

- Battery :- Rechargeable Li-Ion - 2 Battery

- Bulb Life : - 50000 Hours

- CRI <= 90

- Color Temperature :- 5700k

- Working Hour per charge:- 4 Hours

- Charging time :- 2 Hour

- Light Intensity :- Adjustable


Lightweight Design:

The surgical headlight is constructed with lightweight materials, ensuring comfort for the wearer during long surgical procedures.

Designed for ergonomic balance, reducing strain on the user's head and neck.

Shadowless Light:Advanced optical design eliminates shadows, providing a clear and well-illuminated surgical field.

Shadowless illumination enhances visibility and precision during delicate procedures.

High CRI LED (Color Rendering Index):Incorporates high-quality LEDs with a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), ensuring accurate color representation of tissues and organs.

Enhances the surgeon's ability to differentiate between various anatomical structures.

High Intensity Light:The surgical headlight features a high-intensity light source, ensuring a bright and focused beam for optimal illumination.

Adjustable intensity settings allow customization based on the specific requirements of different procedures.

Adjustable Focus:Provides an adjustable focus feature to allow the surgeon to concentrate the light precisely on the surgical site.

Enables flexibility for different surgical scenarios and varying depths of the operative field.

Long Battery Life:Equipped with a long-lasting and rechargeable battery for extended use during surgeries.

Battery life indicator helps the user monitor the remaining power and plan accordingly.

Comfortable Headband:The headband is designed for comfort and stability, ensuring a secure fit during surgical procedures.

Adjustable straps accommodate various head sizes and provide a snug, personalized fit.

Surgical Headlight with Loupe, Wireless Dental ENT Medical Light

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