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Brand: ESC Medicams

Material : Stainless Steel.

Size : 21fr

Sheath & Obturator

With 2 Stopcocks.

Compatible with Storz Type Rigid Endoscopes.

Tapered ends and assists in penetration.

Autoclaveable : Yes


  • Purpose: The VIU sheath is designed for use during visual internal urethrotomy procedures, which involve the surgical treatment of urethral strictures. These strictures are areas of narrowing in the urethra that can obstruct urine flow.

  • Size: The sheath has a diameter of 21.5 French (Fr), which refers to the outer diameter of the instrument. This size is appropriate for navigating the urethra during the procedure.

  • Construction: The sheath is typically made of medical-grade materials such as stainless steel or durable plastic. It is designed to be inserted into the urethra to provide a pathway for other instruments used during the VIU procedure.

  • Compatibility: The sheath is compatible with other urological instruments used during VIU procedures, such as endoscopes and cutting instruments. It allows for smooth insertion and manipulation of these instruments within the urethra.

Urology Instruments Urethrotomy VIU Sheath 21.5 fr

SKU: 330.000
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