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Brand: ESC Medicams

Material : Stainless Steel.

Size : 22fr

Sheath & Obturator

With 2 Stopcocks.

Compatible with Storz Type Rigid Endoscopes.

Tapered ends and assists in penetration.

Autoclaveable : Yes


  • Protection: Cystoscope Sheath shields the delicate cystoscope from damage during insertion and manipulation within the urinary tract in urology, ensuring its longevity and functionality.

  • Hygiene: The sheath provides a barrier between the cystoscope and the patient's tissues, minimizing the risk of contamination and infection.

  • Ease of Insertion: The smooth surface of the sheath facilitates the insertion of the cystoscope into the urethra, reducing discomfort for the patient and easing the procedure for the urologist.

  • Compatibility: Cystoscope sheaths come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different types and sizes of cystoscopes, ensuring compatibility and versatility in clinical settings.

Urology Instruments Cystoscope Sheath

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