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Uroblaze-300 electrosurgical cautery machine is specially designed for bipolar saline Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP) procedures. Featuring a high cutting power of 300W under saline, this device ensures precise and efficient tissue resection. The machine is incredibly user-friendly with a plug-and-play operation, eliminating the need for complex settings or extensive training. Its intuitive design allows for immediate use, making it an ideal choice for urology clinics and hospitals aiming to enhance patient outcomes and streamline surgical procedures.


Dedicated Bipolar Saline TURP Functionality

- Specially engineered for optimal performance in bipolar saline TURP procedures.

- Ensures precise and efficient resection of prostate tissue.


High Cutting Power of 300W

- 300W Cutting Power: Delivers superior cutting efficiency under saline conditions.

- Maintains consistent power output for smooth and controlled tissue resection.

- Enhanced Patient Outcomes: Precision cutting reduces the risk of complications and promotes faster recovery.


User-Friendly Operation

- Plug and Play: Simplifies setup with no complicated settings or configurations.

- Intuitive Interface: Easy-to-understand controls for seamless operation.



- Effortless Integration: Compatible with existing TURP equipment & saline irrigation system

- Minimal Learning Curve: Designed for easy adoption with minimal training required.

- Durable and Low Maintenance: Built to withstand rigorous use with minimal upkeep.

- Modes : Bipolar Cutting, Bipolar Coagulation.

- Maximum Cutting Power : 300 Watts

- Maximum Coag Power : 150 Watts

- Load : 100 Ohms

- Included Accessories : Footswitch , Power Cable.

- Footswitch : Wired with two buttons Bipolar Cut and Bipolar Coag.

- Power Input : AC-110V ~ 250V

- Included Accessories : Footswitch and power cord.

Urology Electrosurgical Cautery Unit for Bipolar Saline TURP

SKU: 108.URO
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