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  • - Material - Stainless Steel
  • - Size : 24fr
  • - Compatible Endoscopes Type : All KARL STORZ endoscopes
  • - Compatible Endoscopes Degree : 0, 12, 30 Degree
  • - Compatible Endoscope Dimension : 4 * 302mm
  • - Included Items : Stone Punch Lithotrite, Sheath, Visual Obturator
  • - Sterilization - Autoclavable
  • - Corrosion resistant
  • - High Durability
  • - Easy to use
  • - Compatible with Karl Storz


A urology stone punch lithotrite is a medical instrument used in urological procedures to break up urinary tract stones, particularly bladder or kidney stones, into smaller fragments. This device typically consists of a handle with a shaft attached to a mechanism for breaking or crushing stones. The lithotrite is inserted through the urethra or a small incision and guided to the location of the stone. Once in position, the lithotrite is used to crush the stone into smaller pieces, allowing for easier passage or removal.

Urology Instruments Stone Punch Lithotrite Forceps with Visual Obturator

SKU: 331.000
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